The killer app in digital transformation is human connection

Location: NA & LATAM (EDT)
Day/Time: Wednesday, April 29, 1:00 p.m.
Speaker(s): Margaret Dawson (Red Hat); Kris Pennella(Red Hat)
Session type: Breakout
Abstract: Digital transformation is no longer an option. Every organization knows it must become a digital leader to survive and thrive. This is why businesses and governments are throwing trillions of dollars at new technologies. Organizations must build and deliver exciting new software applications. They must continuously innovate, move quickly, adapt, and stay ahead of the never-ending onslaught of digital data, experiences, and channels.

Accordingly, we’ve seen the massive rise of cloud computing, open source technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and many other innovations. However, well over half of all new software or IT projects still fail. That’s because technology alone does not solve digital transformation. It doesn’t address the fundamental issues that block or drive transformational success, and the most critical dependency—the people.

In this breakout session, a Red Hat Vice President of Global Technical Product Marketing reveals the elements of digital transformation that technology can’t resolve and why human connection is critical to our success. Giving examples of what digital leaders do differently, she'll discuss 6 human factors to transformational success.