OpenShift Virtualization: A simplified, converged management platform for virtual machines and containers

Location: NA & LATAM (EDT)
Day/Time: Wednesday, April 29, 1:00 p.m.
Speaker(s): Rob Young (Red Hat); Andrew Sullivan (Red Hat)
Session type: Breakout
Abstract: Greenfield applications and workloads are being developed using cloud-native patterns, but they often rely on existing applications and data found in virtual machines. Red Hat OpenShift with OpenShift virtualization, based on the upstream project KubeVirt, provides a single, Kubernetes-native platform to manage both your virtual machine and container deployments. OpenShift with OpenShift virtualization was built to accommodate long-term business strategies through a centralized platform for both Kubernetes and virtual machines so you can use the right resources and investments at the right time.

In this breakout session, you'll learn about Red Hat's virtualization solutions, appropriate use cases, and our current and future plans for convergence with OpenShift and OpenShift virtualization. We'll also demonstrate how virtual machines and containers can run side by side TODAY and what the future holds for virtualization at Red Hat moving forward.