Redefining the Enterprise OS

A Red Hat Virtual event

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View the virtual event, originally broadcasted live on June 10, 2014, featuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and its dramatic impact on the modern datacenter.

Redefining the Enterprise OS | A Red Hat virtual event

Hear from Red Hat leaders and industry experts and see how Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 delivers unmatched customer value, increased efficiency, and true strategic advantage for global customers across every industry.

Attendees will learn more about how Red Hat Enterprise Linux continues to:

  • transform the IT industry.
  • redefine the server operating system.
  • enable unparalleled choice for customers.
  • create the foundation for cloud computing.

Redefining the Enterprise OS

Hear Red Hat's vision for open hybrid cloud and the critical role Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 plays in our full portfolio of open solutions. Keynote speakers include:

  • Paul Cormier, President, Products & Technologies
  • Jim Totton, Vice president and general manager, Platform Business Unit
The keynote will be followed by a moderated Q&A session, also including:

  • Tim Yeaton, Senior vice president, Infrastructure Business Group
  • Tim Burke, Vice president, Software Engineering
Open hybrid cloud infrastructure Containers Operational efficiency

Your foundation for an open hybrid cloud infrastructure

In this session, you’ll learn how to gain the agility to rapidly deliver new capabilities for the business–today. You’ll also learn how to prepare for long-term success by building on a flexible, stable foundation known for its reliability and security.

Alessandro Perilli will detail how Red Hat's fully open approach to cloud can provide the portability, interoperability, and control needed in today’s IT infrastructure.

Speaker: Alessandro Perilli, general manager, Open Hybrid Cloud

Introduction to containers in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Containers simplify application environments by providing lightweight application isolation, complete runtime encapsulation, and an image-based deployment and update capability.

In this session, you’ll learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 allows organizations to build an infrastructure that can rapidly deploy applications in a secure and reliable manner.

Speaker: Lars Hermann, senior director, Product and Business Strategy

More insight, more control: The new management toolbox

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 delivers new frameworks, tools, and capabilities that allow you to get more performance from your infrastructure more efficiently than ever before--whether you are looking to simplify management or have fine-grained control of specific resources.

Join Ron Pacheco for a review of the new features that can change the way you work.

Speaker: Ron Pacheco, senior manager, Platform Product Management

Delivering an application centric infrastructure

If you're an enterprise, mid-size business, or cloud service provider, chances are you've thought a lot about cloud computing. Cloud computing impacts the way you plan, pay for, and roll out IT services.

How can you make sure your cloud strategy benefits your organization for the long term? What technology trends should you take into account? How do other businesses move through the cloud journey and how do you know what best suits your requirements? Hear senior industry expert Ram Appalaraju from Cisco address these questions head-on in the context of today's marketplace.

Speaker: Ram Appalaraju, Vice President, Product management and marketing, Data Center Group, Cisco

Building an application infrastructure with Docker & Atomic

Docker dramatically simplifies the process of using containers to package and deploy applications. Docker application packages are lightweight and enable re-use of the base container image.

When deploying Docker containers, Red Hat's project Atomic delivers a minimal operating system that is optimized to run containers and with an image-based update model.

In this session, you’ll learn how containers are integrated with key Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 technologies.

Speakers: Daniel Riek, senior director, Software Engineering

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 & DevOps

Wherever you draw the line, it's clear that the DevOps movement is redefining who does what in terms of system operations and application environment.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 lets administrators oversee application resources and features that give developers the control and flexibility they need to manage their applications.

In this session, you’ll learn about about key features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 that enable both administrators and developers from the Red Hat engineering and community perspectives.

Speakers: Denise Dumas, senior director, Platform Engineering
Langdon White, Principal Software Engineer, Platform Architecture

Building IT foundations that last

Qualcomm is always looking at where it needs to take its infrastructure to be more responsive in the future. In this session, Michael Waltz from Qualcomm talks about their participation in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta Program and what new capabilities are most interesting to them as they lay the right IT foundation to support their business.

Speaker: Michael Waltz, senior systems engineer, Qualcomm

Containers in OpenShift & GearD

Linux container technologies to provide the foundation for its secure and highly scalable multi-tenant architecture.

In this session, you’ll learn how Red Hat is enhancing OpenShift by integrating containers in the Docker format, using the OpenShift Origin GearD project to manage containers across multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts and integrate Docker with systemd. This will enable you to use native Docker containers support in OpenShift Online and OpenShift Enterprise.

Speakers: Dan Juengst, senior principal product marketing manager, Red Hat
Joe Fernandes, senior manager, Product Marketing

Subscription best practices: Speed your successful adoption

What's the fastest way to start benefiting from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 innovations? Take full advantage of your Red Hat subscription.

In this session, you’ll learn how to take full advantage of the resources available to you to help you master the new capabilities, integrate them into your environment, and optimize them for your particular requirements. Paul Batkowski will introduce you to the various ways that Red Hat can help speed your successful adoption.

Speaker: Paul Batkowski, senior manager, Technical Support

The event is open and complimentary for all Red Hat customers, partners, contributors, and any open source enthusiasts.