Red Hat JBoss Data Grid compared to Oracle Coherence Grid Edition

A 2014 competitive review

Both Red Hat® JBoss® Data Grid and Oracle Coherence Grid Edition target the same core market and share many common features. With significant common functionality, it can be hard to find appreciable differences between the competing products. This competitive brief helps guide you through a product comparison.


  • Important features such as eviction, passivation, replicated caches, and distributed caches with self healing features are available with both products.
  • JBoss Data Grid provides specific documentation and functionality for cross-datacenter replication and the ability to directly specify indexes used in queries. Features missing from Oracle Coherence.
  • Important features such as rolling upgrades, asynchronous flags and operations, along with transaction flexibility and synchronization are more examples of functionality unique to JBoss Data Grid.
  • Red Hat customers purchase subscriptions, rather than proprietary licenses and associated maintenance fees, saving you money. You can use the savings to start more projects, deploy technology more pervasively within the enterprise, and apply more budget towards innovation.
Read the entire competitive review describing the details and benefits of using JBoss Data Grid 6.2 instead of Oracle Coherence Grid 12.1.2.