Open source - the foundation of cognitive surplus


Open source, the foundation of cognitive surplus

Thursday, October 13, 2011 | 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific

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Clay Shirky, known for his books Cognitive Surplus and Here Comes Everybody, wants you to think about how you spend your free time. Are you contributing to the trillions of hours of television passively consumed each year? Or are you really contributing--to new forms of cultural production, collaborating with the worldwide talent pool for practical purposes like Wikipedia, the Management Innovation eXchange, or your local unconference? How can you leverage the power of open source to use your free time more constructively?
Shirky holds a joint appointment at New York University (NYU) as a Distinguished Writer in Residence at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and as an assistant arts professor in the new-media-focused graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

Clay Shirky, author of Here comes everybody and Cognitive Surplus

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