Partner Addition Request Form

Partner addition request form:

red hat embedded

ISV Partner understands that to qualify for participation in the Red Hat Embedded Program, the following must be true:

  • Red Hat products are to be embedded into a single-use appliance (software, virtual, or hardware) which can only be used for executing the ISV Partner’s dedicated application.
  • The end user will have no access to Red Hat Products and subscription services contained within the appliance.
  • The ISV Partner desires to be the front-line support provider for Red Hat embedded products.
  • Any software maintenance, updates, and upgrades for Red Hat products will be provided by the ISV Partner.

Upon receipt of this completed form and ISV Partner qualification, a partner acceptance document will be drafted and provided to the Embedded Distribution Partner (EDP) for execution by the ISV Partner.

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* If Developer Support was previously purchased by the ISV, please list purchase order number used to purchase here: