IDC Vendor Profile - Red Hat as a Storage Solutions Provider

IDC Vendor Profile: Red Hat as a Storage Solutions Provider

This IDC Vendor Profile showcases Red Hat's progression as a storage company using the Red Hat Storage Server (RHSS) 2.0 platform as the case in point. The Red Hat Storage Server 2.0 platform is a scale-out, open source object-based storage software solution. RHSS enables users to effectively virtualize the data storage tier independent of storage resource type or location and capitalize on the economic value of commodity x86 severs to leverage and build their own on-premise, private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. Red Hat storage can be deployed on bare metal, as a virtual guest, or in the AWS public cloud and create a shared pool of storage. As a result, the location of the actual disk resources becomes less relevant. This includes direct-attached disk, scale-up NAS or SAN resources offered as a virtualized resource, or Amazon EBS blocks.

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