Competitive analysis - BRMS v Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite

Competitive analysis: JBoss Enterprise BRMS compared to Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite (

An evolution is currently taking place with business process management (BPM). This evolution raises the importance of technologies like business rules management systems (BRMS) and complex event processing (CEP) that complement and seamlessly integrate with BPM. The combination of BRMS, CEP, and BPM allows companies to create business solutions with less variability, improved accuracy, and greater environmental awareness.

Each JBoss® Enterprise BRMS subscription from Red Hat combines powerful technology including BRMS, CEP, BPM, system management, and an application platform to run it all on. When compared with Oracle, you must use the combined capabilities of Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle BPM Suite to match the capabilities found JBoss Enterprise BRMS. Readers of this paper will better understand the similarities and significant differences between these offerings, as well as some of the benefits gained when using JBoss Enterprise BRMS.

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