JBoss Enteprise BRMS Best Practices Guide

JBoss Enterprise BRMS Best Practices Guide: Volume I and II

Learn the technical best practices for development with JBoss Enterprise BRMS.  Following the best practices outlined in these guides will result in systems with better design, easier test-ability, and superior maintainability.  Developers will also be able to validate JBoss Enterprise BRMS Platform requirements more easily. 

One registration grants access to both papers.

  • Volume I focuses on the following key areas of rules development: designing the domain or fact model, rule authoring, and various aspects related to rule execution.
  • Volume II provides insight into creating process- and rule-based applications that can be scaled to handle your current and future enterprise project needs. It also provides basic information to ensure you can develop large-scale applications.

It is assumed you have a working knowledge of the JBoss BRMS product – the guides do not
cover the basics.  A solid software architectural background is also useful, as we will discuss design decisions and ensuring project scalability in your enterprise architecture moving forward.  Register to get your copies now!

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