Red Hat JBoss A-MQ Compared with IBM WebSphere

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ Compared with IBM WebSphere 7.5

Your specific messaging requirements should play a role in determining the messaging technology selected for solutions. Such requirements often vary based on factors such as cost, reliability, throughput, latency, and interoperability. For many, reliability and cost are major considerations. In those cases, and in Java centric environments, a Java Messaging Service (JMS) 1.1 implementation may be just what is needed. JMS is a specification implemented in both Red Hat JBoss A-MQ and IBM WebSphere MQ 7.5.

This competitive brief presents the high-level differences between Red Hat JBoss A-MQ and IBM WebSphere MQ 7.5 and also examines the significant economic difference between the two. Read this paper to learn how to start more projects, deploy technology more pervasively within the enterprise, and apply more of your budget towards innovation with Red Hat JBoss A-MQ.

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