Introduction to WildFly | The new Java EE 7 JBoss Community project

Introduction to WildFly: The new Java EE 7 JBoss Community project


WildFly, the JBoss® Community’s new application server project, picks up where the JBoss Application Server 7 project left off. Join our webinar to learn how WildFly can help increase your server performance.

Get the next generation of Java EE in WildFly
In the first of a 2-part series, WildFly project lead Jason Greene will give a primer in Java™ EE 7 and introduce the WildFly 8 Community project which, now in its alpha version, serves as the basis for the Community’s work in Java EE 7.

You’ll also hear from Stuart Douglas, senior software engineer at Red Hat, about new capabilities in Undertow, the JBoss Community’s high performance web server, including Servlet 3.1, web sockets, and reverse proxy capabilities.

Join us as we discuss WildFly and Undertow, 2 more indicators of Red Hat’s sharpening focus on technology that lets you innovate faster, in a smarter way.

Jason Greene, principal software engineer and WildFly project lead, Red Hat
Jason leads the WildFly project, a popular open source application development platform. He is a member of the Java Community Process (JCP) and the expert group of the Java EE and Contexts and Dependency Injection specifications. During his tenure at Red Hat, he has worked in many areas of Red Hat JBoss Middleware, including the application server, clustering, web services, aspect-oriented programming (AOP), and security. His interests include concurrency, distributed computing, hardware, and programming language design.

Stuart Douglas, senior software engineer, Red Hat
Stuart has worked as a senior software engineer at Red Hat since 2011. He is author of the Undertow web server and a member of the WildFly application server team, working on all things Java EE. Prior to working at Red Hat, Stuart developed applications for the financial planning industry using Java EE.



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