Go mobile with AeroGear UnifiedPush Server

go mobile with aerogear unifiedpush server


You want to extend your applications to mobile devices and take advantage of capabilities like push notifications. But you're forced to do every step for every mobile operating system used in your enterprise. AeroGear UnifiedPush Server does the busy work for you and simplifies mobile development.

Avoid the headache of writing server side code for each push service time and again
The AeroGear UnifiedPush Server does the work of matching users, devices and operating systems, formatting the messages, and routing them to the correct push notification service, so you’re free to develop new, innovative mobile applications.

Join us for a demonstration of AeroGear UnifiedPush Server where you will:

  • Learn how push notifications works for iOS and Android devices.
  • Hear about Mozilla SimplePush and how it can add push capabilities to web apps.
  • Build a new mobile app with push notifications by using an Xcode template.
  • Explore the admin console and how to manage your apps.
  • Discover what new capabilities are coming in the future with AeroGear.

Discover how AeroGear technology, running on OpenShift by Red Hat, can be used to bring mobile to your enterprise applications.


Jay Balunas, mobile architect, Red Hat
Jay Balunas is the founder of the AeroGear project and is leading the mobile initiatives for Red Hat. The majority of his 15+ years in the industry has been focused on designing and implementing solutions around client and mobile device integration, web-tier frameworks, user interface design, and back-end integration. He is passionate about open source, standards, and is one of Red Hat’s W3C representatives.

Prior to his current role, Jay was the RichFaces project lead, and has been involved with many other open source projects, including: , Forge, Seam, and Weld. Jay blogs about mobile technologies, AeroGear, HTML5, and other rich Internet application technologies at http://in.relation.to/Bloggers/Jay.

Matthias Wessendorf, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Matthias Wessendorf is a member of the AeroGear project, focusing on iOS and mobile push integration. In the past he has been the PMC Chair for the Apache MyFaces project. He maintains a blog at http://wessendorf.net and tweets @mwessendorf.



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