An introduction to Ceylon

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An introduction to Ceylon

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This webinar is the latest session in the  JBoss Developer Webinar Series

You love Java™ and its ecosystem. But the 15-year-old language and class libraries may no longer be the best foundation for your business computing needs.

Join our webinar to learn about Ceylon -- a new programming language that executes on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Ceylon includes many improvements to Java while sticking to the Java philosophy that people love.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Get an introduction to the main features of Ceylon.
  • Learn about the ongoing progress of the compiler, IDE, and tools.
  • Find out about the community that developed this language.


Stéphane Epardaud, senior software engineer, Red Hat

From deep in the Nice mountains, Stéphane works for Red Hat on the Ceylon project. He's a passionate hacker in Java, C, Perl, and Scheme. A web standards and database enthusiast, he implemented a WYSIWYG XML editor, a multi-threading library in C, a mobile-agent language in Scheme (compiler and virtual machines), and some Web 2.0 RESTful services and rich web interfaces with JavaScript and HTML 5. Stéphane is a frequent speaker at conferences, including the Scheme Workshop 2004, Nice Technical University in 2008, Polytech'Nice en 2009, Mars Java Users Group (JUG), Paris JUG, and the Riviera JUG he founded with Nicolas Leroux. A long-time open source user and advocate, he is a committer of RESTEasy, author of jax-doclets, stamps.js, and various Play! Framework modules, and developer on various Ceylon projects for Red Hat.

Emmanuel Bernard, principal software engineer, Red Hat
Emmanuel is a data platform architect at Red Hat and a member of the Hibernate® team. After working in the retail industry as a developer and architect  involved in the operational risk management (ORM) space, he joined the Hibernate team in 2003 where he has lead the Java Persistence API (JPA) implementation of Hibernate. He founded and leads Hibernate Search, Hibernate Validator, and Hibernate Object/Grid Mapper. Emmanuel is a member of the JPA 2.1 expert group and the spec lead of bean validation. He is also a member of the Ceylon team where he contributes to the type checker and the infrastructure. He is a regular speaker at conferences and JUGs, including JavaOne, JBoss® World, and Devoxx and the co-author of Hibernate Search in Action published by Manning. He is also the founder and co-host of two podcasts: JBoss Community Asylum and Les Cast Codeurs Podcast.


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