Key considerations before building a cloud

Key considerations before building a cloud


IT is in a tough position. As an IT architect, you want to provide the services users expect. But you have to support a complex legacy, which is expensive to maintain.

Put your IT budget to better use
On average, 75% of your IT budget is consumed keeping existing systems running. Wouldn’t you rather use more of that money for delivering services that foster innovation, accelerate growth, and help your organization compete in today’s what-have-you-done-for-me-lately market?

Position your company to reap cloud benefits
Cloud is poised to redefine how IT manages and deploys infrastructure. It promises lower operational costs, platform flexibility, limitless resource elasticity, and self-service consumption. But if you don’t plan for key considerations, cloud computing can make IT infrastructure harder to manage and deploy, and less beneficial than promised.

In this webinar, learn the key issues you should consider prior to deploying your cloud, including:
  • Maximizing your infrastructure choices and flexibility—now and in future.
  • Avoiding application complexity, which can quickly erode cloud benefits. 
  • Ensuring portability of cloud applications and workloads—essential to a fluid infrastructure model. 
  • Instituting governance and control around self-service access to increase cloud security.


Chris Wells, manager product marketing, Red Hat

Chris Wells has more than 15 years of experience working in the IT industry. Currently he is the senior product marketing manager for Red Hat® Network Satellite. Prior to Red Hat, he worked in product-management, product-marketing, technical-presales, and technical-training roles for Quest Software, Sterling Commerce, and Vanstar. Chris has both an undergraduate degree and an MBA from the Ohio State University.



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