JBoss Enterprise Application 6 clustering over TCP

JBoss Enterprise Application 6 clustering over TCP

This webinar is the latest session in the Taste of Training webinar series.

Explore concepts from the all-new JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform 6 curriculum. In this webinar you’ll learn how to cluster JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 over TCP.

Benefits of a TCP cluster

The main benefit of using TCP to manage your cluster communications is the inherent delivery guarantee of TCP-based packets. There’s some overhead in setup, and the speed is somewhat slower than communications over UDP. But in cases where multicast is not available, a TCP cluster is easy to manage.

What you’ll learn during this webinar:

  • How to build a small cluster based over TCP
  • Performance tuning your cluster based on JGroups
  • Large cluster management
About the Taste of Training webinar series
Whether you’re evaluating a specific training course or are eager to learn something new, the Taste of Training webinar series is your gateway to award-winning Red Hat Training. These hour-long demos are delivered by members of the Red Hat Curriculum team, providing practical knowledge and real-world examples.


Will Dinyes, JBoss curriculum manager, Red Hat
Will Dinyes joined Red Hat in 2009 as part of the JBoss Curriculum team. He now manages the team and develops courseware for JBoss products.

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