Browser power CDI meets GWT within Errai

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Browser power: CDI meets GWT within Errai

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Part of the JBoss Developer Webinar Series.

Join this webinar to get the lowdown on how you can write browser code with Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI). Red Hat’s Mike Brock will discuss how simple it is to handle eventing and server-side push in the browser with minimal effort.

Faster, safer, more maintainable applications

The new CDI specification brings with it the potential to build better applications faster, safer, and in a more maintainable way. This webinar focuses on JBoss® Errai framework, which brings the CDI programming model to client code in the browser by using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) compiler. It shows how you can leverage the advantages to make truly powerful next-generation web applications using CDI's powerful, yet simple, type-safe and decoupled eventing as a means of communicating between the client and the server.

This webinar assumes a basic understanding of the concepts behind GWT and CDI, but will touch on the basics for the uninitiated.

Featured Presenter: Mike Brock, Errai project lead, Red Hat
Mike Brock, Errai project lead at Red Hat, is the author and maintainer of the MVEL expression language and makes significant contributions to the Seam Forge project. Mike joined Red Hat in 2007 after working as an independent consultant in IT and software for several years. He has been involved in software development for more than a decade and has always been involved in open source middleware in one way or another.


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