Lets Play in the Cloud Developing Java Web Apps on OpenShift

Let's Play! in the Cloud: Developing Java Web Apps on OpenShift

On demand

Want a web-based shared to-do list for your team? Or a mobile-friendly shared shopping list for your household? Build your own—and get it running in the cloud.

This technical webinar shows you how to go from code to cloud in minutes with the open source Play framework and OpenShift, Red Hat's free, auto-scaling Platform-as-a-Service for Play and a host of other languages.

What's the Play framework?

  • Uses Java and Scala to simplify web application building
  • Focuses on developer productivity
  • Targets RESTful architectures

Learn by example

Sebastián and Jorge cover Play! fundamentals and show you how to build your own application by walking step-by-step through a sample address book app. Next, Mark shows you how to build a real-world useful shared-list app.

Sign up at openshift.com ahead of time using the promo code PLAY!WEBINAR so you can follow along.


Sebastian Scarano, Professional web developer

Sebastián Scarano is a professional web developer from Buenos Aires who is passionate about building great sites and sharing his knowledge. He is currently working as a project leader at Argentina's Ministry of Labour. In the last year he's been actively participating in Play Framework's community. More recently he published the Openshift Play module, to help everyone deploy Play framework applications on Red Hat's platform-as-a-service.

Jorge Aliss, Software engineer
Jorge Aliss is a freelance software engineer with more than 10 years of experience using Java technologies. He is currently focused on building web applications with the Play Framework. He is also the author of SecureSocial, an open source authentication module for Play based applications. Before becoming a freelance developer he worked at Oracle, BEA and Fuego Inc.

Mark Atwood, PaaS evangelist, Red Hat
Mark Atwood is a PaaS Evangelist at Red Hat. He has been an advocate of and contributor to open source from since the time that the only large projects were GNU Emacs and GCC. His technology interests include Cloud Computing and NoSQL. He is the patch queue shepherd for MySQL Drizzle. He has been the community manager for Eucalyptus Systems, the director of community development for Gear6 Memcached, and a senior technology advisor for Network.com at Sun Microsystems. He is a co-author of the OAuth Core specification. He has helped design and code large self-configuring internet networks, including a widely deployed net-connected CATV consumer appliance, a large public PSTN voicemail social system, and a military intel decision support system. He makes his home in Seattle, with an annual trip to his home in Black Rock City.



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