Implementing a Rules Based Approach A BRMS Case Study with OSDE

Implementing a Rules Based Approach:
A JBoss Enterprise BRMS Case Study with OSDE

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As a major healthcare provider with a vast network of over 50,000 providers and more than a million members, OSDE of Argentina faces a dynamic business environment where its customers demand the best services available.  Constantly changing regulations, a competitive landscape, and the flexibility expected by consumers requires OSDE to be nimble, continuously update their business systems, and react to changes quickly. Their challenge was how to take a large investment in legacy applications and systems and turn it into a modernized infrastructure in order to meet expectations and remain an industry leader.

To achieve their goals, OSDE adopted the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS), and Infinispan - the JBoss community data grid platform project. BRMS enabled them to build an infrastructure where business users are empowerd to update the system without going through IT, resulting in faster time-to-market, substantial improvements in customer care, and increased agility with reduced costs.

Join us as we take a look at the challenges of implementing a rules-based approach and learn about solutions, best practices, and results from one of the world's leading adopters of business rules technology.


Phil SimpsonPhil Simpson
Product Marketing Manager - BRMS, Red Hat
Phil Simpson is JBoss Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat, where he is responsible for market positioning and messaging activities for JBoss Enterprise BRMS.  Phil has extensive experience with business rules and business process management solutions. He lead the product management function at an early business rules pioneer, and has held senior marketing roles at several leading technology companies. Prior to joining Red Hat, he was product manager for data analytics firm Renesys, and was a director at SeaChange International, Ironhead Analytics and Rulespower. Phil holds a Bachelors degree from Southampton University in the UK.

DiegoDiego Naya Lazo
Deputy Systems Manager, OSDE
Diego Naya is the Application Development Head for OSDE, Argentina’s largest healthcare company. He has extensive experience in BPMS and BRMS implementation in the healthcare industry. Diego wrote the book OSWorkflow: A guide for implementing Business Processes and several related articles. He is actively involved in the Drools/BRMS community as a community advisor.



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