How To Improve Application and Service Availability Within Your IT Environment

How To Improve Application and Service Availability Within Your IT Environment

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


intel.pngWelcome to the first in a series of joint webinars, sponsored by Red Hat and Intel. Within the "Value of Innovation Series" Red Hat and Intel will offer a quarterly webinar, providing helpful insights on the latest joint technology advancements.

This first webinar in the Value of Innovation Webinar Series discusses the reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) innovations provided by Red Hat and Intel. The goal of the session is to assist administrators and IT staff troubleshoot problems more quickly. Also, the webinar is intended to help you understand what can go wrong with a system, the impact, and how to resolve these issues to provide better application and service availability.

Michael Demshki, Market Segment Manager will be joining us from Intel. Prarit Bhargava, Senior Principal Software Engineer will also be joining the webinar.  Michael and Prarit will provide their insights on RAS, as well as, helpful hints to improve service levels within your IT environment.

Looking forward to your participation!


Michael Demshki
Market Segment Manager, Mission Critical Servers
Intel Corporation

Prarit Bhargava

Senior Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat

Doug O'Flaherty

Senior Manager of Product Marketing
Red Hat

Douglas O'Flaherty is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In addition to promoting Red Hat's flagship product, he works closely with Red Hat's partners to showcase the value Red Hat brings to different use cases. His diverse background includes open source start-ups, online gaming and silicon design companies.



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