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Kick start your Plain Old HTML5 (POH5) mobile project on JBoss AS7

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


You've heard all the terms - Mobile Web, HTML5, JBoss AS7, Restful services, jQuery Mobile. Maybe you've even played around with them a bit. But how do they all fit together?

We're going to discuss all of this, and how it is encompassed in the POH5 Architecture (otherwise known as Plain Old HTML5)--specifically how the technologies and techniques around this drive the next generation web.

In this webinar Jay Balunas will walk through a sample application that does just that. Of course, there will be links to the code, a live version of it hosted up on Red Hat OpenShift (our very own PaaS), and plenty of details to wade through like:

  • Pure HTML clients
  • JAX-RS GET & POST endpoints
  • HTML5 based page structure
  • HTML5 form element & validation
  • CSS3 selectors used for styling
  • JAX-RS validation handling
  • jQuery & jQuery Mobile integration
  • QUnit test suite to validate JavaScript
  • Arquilian test suite to validate endpoints

Since part of this example is encapsulated in a Maven archetype you can get your project started in no time, and understand the guts from this presentation!

Speaker:  Jay Balunas

Jay Balunas, principal software engineer at Red Hat, works as a JBoss core developer and leads up our mobile development efforts. He is also the RichFaces project lead and has been involved with various open source projects including Seam, Portal, and Weld. He is the co-author of two DZone RichFaces reference cards, and was a member of the JSF 2.0 expert group. Jay has been architecting and developing enterprise applications and projects for over ten years, specializing in mobile device integration, web tier frameworks, UI design, and integration.

Jay has spoken at many conferences and user groups such as JavaOne, JSFSummit, JBoss World, JUDCon, and various JUGs. Jay blogs about RichFaces, JSF 2.0, mobile web, and other rich internet application technologies at http://in.relation.to/Bloggers/Jay

Host: Burr Sutter, Sr. Product Manager, Developer Experience/Tools
Burr is a currently a Java Champion, previously president of the Atlanta Java Users Group, founder of the DevNexus Conference and he works for JBoss by Red Hat. He also founded the Atlanta chapter of the International Association of Software Architects and has spent 20 years teaching technologies to other technologists. Previous speaking engagements include: JavaOne, Javapolis (now Devoxx), No Fluff Just Stuff, Jazoon, the TDC in Sao Paulo and various JUGs around the globe.


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