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"Free Fibre Channel” - Implementing Fibre Channel SANs Using Standard NICs and FCoE

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 | 18:00 UTC / 2pm (New York) /  8pm (Paris) / 11:30pm (Mumbai)

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intel-logoFibre Channel is the gold standard for high end SANs. It is mature, proven, widely deployed, has a large ecosystem of tools and support -- and is expensive. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) uses 10Gb Ethernet to carry Fibre Channel traffic. It is fully compatible with standard Fibre Channel, integrates into a standard Fibre Channel environment, and offers simplified deployment. FCoE has typically been implemented using specialized hardware CNAs (Converged Network Adapters), which provide a Fibre Channel controller and an Ethernet NIC on a single card connected to a single Ethernet port.

Red Hat and Intel have worked together to provide a full FCoE implementation using RHEL 6 and standard Intel 10Gb Ethernet NICs. This allows deployment of a fully compliant, certified, high performance, low cost Fibre Channel solution.

This Webinar explores the use of 10Gb Ethernet as a universal fabric for all communications storage, networking, and interprocess communications. It addresses how FCoE is implemented, and covers other storage protocols such as iscsi and file services. After attending this Webinar you will have the knowledge to determine whether or not FCoE is a technology you should explore further for your specific needs.

Russell Doty, Engineering Partner Manager, Red Hat
Russell has many years experience with large, complex systems. As a partner manager in Red Hat's engineering organization, he works closely with Intel to make sure the latest technologies are fully supported. Having worked with supercomputers in the '80s and '90s, he is very excited to be part of bringing formerly esoteric technologies into the mainstream. The latest example of this is the emergence of 10GbE as a “universal fabric” for both communications and storage.

David Fair, Unified Network Technologies
Marketing Manager, Intel Data Center Group LAN Access Division
Previously at Intel, David Fair managed enterprise IHV enabling, primarily on PCI Express, for server and workstation platforms. David represented Intel as Chair of the Ethernet Alliance iWARP Working Group.  Before joining the Data Center Group, he drove new technologies into the client industry ecosystem including DVI, AGP, DVD, IEEE 1394, and PC DTV. David represented Intel on the Board of Directors of the 1394 Trade Association, on the Steering Committee of the DVD Forum, and as Chair of the USB Implementers Forum.  He holds two Intel Achievement Awards, one as a founder of the Intel Developer Forum and a second for developing the enterprise PCI Express ecosystem.  David Fair holds a PhD in philosophy of science from Princeton University and a BA in physics from Pomona College.



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