Making Music with FOSS
April 20, 2011


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Many people in music production are unaware that free and open source software options exist for them. Instead, they opt for non-free solutions by  default because they don't know, don't care, or they just don't believe that there is an entire world of free and open source software available. And the open source software for music production is often as good as—or better—than the non-free alternatives.

Join our Open Your World webcast on April 20 to hear Adam Drew talk about how he went from being an Apple Logic Studio user to producing his  music completely on open source software. Then learn about the challenges, learning curve, and details of how you too can make the switch.


Adam Drew, Technical Support Engineer, Global Support Services
Adam is a Technical Support Engineer for Red Hat's Global Support Services specializing in clustering, storage, and filesystems. When not working on enterprise storage Adam can be found writing and recording music, writing for his blog, maintaining his FOSS Audio Kbase, programming, and experimenting with graphic design and digital painting, all on Free & Open Source Software. Adam lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and three cats.



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