Cloud Computing: Evolution Not Revolution

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Cloud computing is one of the most important shifts in information technology to occur in decades. It has the potential to improve the agility of organizations by allowing them to:

  •  Enhance the ability to respond to opportunities
  •  Bond more tightly with customers and partners
  • Reduce the cost to acquire and use IT in ways never before possible. 

But “new technology” doesn't have to mean “starting from scratch.”

In this webinar, we'll discuss several ways to make the transition to cloud more evolution and less revolution. Learn how to start using the infrastructure investments that you have already made. Get insight on how you can continue to build, adding to your cloud structure when a your needs and budget allow, or span to an external cloud when your criteria are met.  Finally, understand how to evolve your operational processes at the pace that works for you while ensuring portability and interoperability between clouds.


Gordon Haff
Gordon Haff is senior cloud strategy marketing and evangelism manager at Red Hat. Prior to Red Hat, Gordon wrote hundreds of research notes and was frequently quoted in publications like
The New York Times on a wide range of IT topics, as well as advising clients on product and marketing strategies. He also has many years of hands-on experience with both IT software and hardware.



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