Improve Your Business Intelligence Capabilities with Sybase IQ Columnar Database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Tuesday, May 18


Today’s businesses require mission-critical analytics, business intelligence and reporting solutions delivered with unsurpassed speed and at an affordable price. Sybase and Red Hat have partnered to provide an industry leading business intelligence capability that has captured the #1 spot for TPCH performance. Please join us to learn more about how this capability can help you:

  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve compliance
  • Understand customer behaviors

During this presentation, we will provide an in-depth look into how the combination of Sybase's IQ Columnar Database and Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers:
  • Ten to 100x faster performance than conventional transactional databases
  • Reduces data storage volumes often by more than 70 percent
  • Scalable compute power which is independent of storage capacity
  • The best price-performance in the industry today

We will close with a Q&A session with the speakers.


Peter Thawley, Senior Director and Architect, CTO Group, Sybase
Peter Thawley is a Senior Director and Architect in Sybase’s CTO Group with 23 years of experience in software architecture & engineering, product management, and worldwide product & technology sales and services. Peter also serves on various industry working groups including the Transaction Processing Council (TPC), an industry consortium founded to define objective database benchmarks and to disseminate verifiable performance data, and the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) Benchmark Council, a group of financial services trading firms and technology vendors specifying standard methods for measuring the performance of all the technology layers that make up high-performance, low-latency trading systems.

Erich Morisse, Senior Solutions Architect, Financial Services, Red Hat
Erich Morisse is a Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat with 15 years of experience. He joined the company in 2003, and works primarily with Wall Street customers. Erich is a research scientist, entrepreneur, and text book author. He holds an MBA from Columbia University, and a BA from Drew University.



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