Achieving A Highly Consistent Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating Environment

Tuesday, January 19 | Choose from two live events:

  • 9am EST (GMT-5) / 14:00 GMT / 3pm CET (GMT+1)
  • 2pm EST (GMT-5) / 19:00 GMT / 8pm CET (GMT+1)


A highly consistent IT infrastructure offers several advantages including higher availability and faster time to resolution when something does break. The challenge of course is getting an environment to be consistent when it has been built and managed by different people over a period of several years. You need both a tool set and methodology to clean up an existing inconsistent environment as well as ensure that all new systems are built from a consistent base.

Red Hat Network Satellite offers the ability to both clean up and create a consistent Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating environment. During this webinar, Red Hat product experts will share with you best practices for creating a highly consistent Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating environment, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of your RHN Satellite investment.




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