Reconsidering the Solaris/Linux choice: A comparison of ecosystems, longevity, and corporate dependability

July 8 | 2pm EDT (New York)

In light of Oracle's acquisition of Sun, many IT teams are understandably concerned about the future of their Sun™ Solaris™ investments. In this live web conference, Red Hat solutions architects Greg Pryzby and Dave Egts will share why they believe Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is a superior alternative and answer your questions about both operating systems.


Greg Pryzby and Dave Egts are solutions architects with Red Hat Global Services.

Greg Pryzby, Senior Solution Architect
As a developer, Greg helped port hundreds of thousands line of code from Solaris to Linux. He has assisted developers with best practices in writing code for portability, enabling them to move between operating systems with ease.

David Egts, Principal Solution Architect
Dave works with customers like Hill Air Force Base, whose migration from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux reduced their footprint by 25%, reduced their largest application's load time from 12 hours to three hours per night, and cost 98% less than a comparable Solaris-based solution.




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