Easily Connect Business Processes with Rich Internet Applications & Services

Recorded on February 24, 2009

Business processes depend on underlying applications and services. More and more, these are rich Internet applications built by Developers using technologies and products like RichFaces, Seam and jBPM. But, the Business Analysts who orchestrate business processes often do so with tools that create a visual flow, and then hand that depiction off to a developer. This disconnect causes inefficiency and delays, especially when changes are required. Unique skills and technologies are required to bridge the gap between Business Analysts and Developers.

In this webinar, you will see how Exadel leverages their Web 2.0 consulting expertise and unique software tooling, Exadel E7, to solve this problem. Exadel, Inc. is a trusted Red Hat partner who contributes significant code to JBoss Developer Studio. Exadel also offers additional development frameworks, as well as expert Web 2.0 professional services and training.

Max Katz, Exadel




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