Comprehensive, enterprise Platform-as-a-Service

Red Hat JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift bring integration, business process automation, and mobile application services to open hybrid clouds

Today’s business-critical enterprise applications often require complex processes and data from many sources across disparate on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Enterprises need an easier, more unified approach to higher-level integration, business process automation, and mobile services than what is currently available from Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers.

Red Hat® JBoss® xPaaS services for OpenShift is a roadmap for the industry's first unified offering that brings all the necessary services into a single, open PaaS platform and allows development and deployment of modern enterprise applications in the cloud. Your organization can look forward to greater IT agility and competitiveness as a result of:

  • A comprehensive suite of capabilities that enables truly innovative enterprise application development.
  • A combination of 2 of the most trusted technologies in open source, enterprise software: Red Hat JBoss Middleware and OpenShift by Red Hat.
  • A single platform to build, run, and manage enterprise applications in public or private clouds.

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