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Proven Real-world Skills

After passing the EX210 exam, candidates earn the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack certification to prove they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to create, configure, and manage private clouds using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

An IT professional who has earned the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack certification is able to:

  • Install and configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.
  • Manage users, projects, flavors, and rules.
  • Configure and manage images.
  • Add computer nodes.
  • Manage storage using Swift and Cider.
Learn more about this certification.

Watch the video to hear how the Red Hat Certification Program has improved its credentials to now include OpenStack, and how new ways to find talent can be found with Certification Central.

Learn how to deploy and manage private cloud infrastructures using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Our Red Hat OpenStack Administration training course (CL210) teaches system administrators how to implement a cloud-computing environment using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, including installation, configuration, and maintenance. The course can also help prepare students for the Red Hat Certified OpenStack Administrator exam (EX210).

Available as:

Watch our free, pre-recorded webinar to learn how to install and configure Red Hat OpenStack with packstack, review the Horizon web interface, and launch instances.

Let Red Hat Consulting guide your OpenStack deployment

Red Hat Consulting empowers customers to transform their business, reducing cost and increasing agility by simplifying IT complexity through open source adoption. We help customers achieve very specific business requirements in harnessing scalable, interoperable private and hybrid clouds for their competitive advantage, driving operational, resource and developer efficiency.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform success from day one

When it comes to standing up a verified, enterprise-level cloud infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Platform OpenStack, no one accelerates adoption like Red Hat Consulting. Using validated methods for installing and configuring Red Hat OpenStack technology, you'll be able to quickly launch, manage and scale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for your IT environment. Our consultants—experts in open source technology—will work with you to:

  • Define the right IaaS path for your enterprise.
  • Architect and deploy the solution for your environment.
  • Migrate workloads to OpenStack.
  • Provide guidance on best practices for ongoing management of your solution.
  • Deliver documentation of your installation and configuration, and observations about additional opportunities for ongoing optimization.