Portability and hybrid I.T.

Strategies for achieving workload and data portability in a multicloud model.

Portability: Charting the Path Toward the
Open Hybrid Cloud
An IDC Technology Spotlight.

Cloud computing and open hybrid clouds are part of a sweeping transformation across all facets of the IT industry. Don’t miss out—for a limited time, you can access this IDC Technology Spotlight on strategies for achieving true data and workload portability in a hybrid cloud future. Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • Adoption trends in openness, hybrids, and standardization.
  • The benefits of cloud portability.
  • The risks of proprietary and closed-systems cloud adoption for short-term benefits gain.
  • Mitigation plans and multivendor solution strategies that meet immediate needs and provide strategic flexibility for your IT future.
  • Red Hat and Intel's approach to hybrid open cloud development.