Red Hat and Dell Collaborate to bring OpenStack to the Enterprise

“Our agreement to co-engineer OpenStack solutions with Red Hat takes our commitment a step further in helping customers obtain and deploy OpenStack solutions for an enterprise-grade, private cloud infrastructure to meet their evolving business needs."
- Marius Haas, Chief commercial officer and president, Enterprise Solutions, Dell

Dell Red Hat Cloud solutions
Powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Through reference architectures and an extended alliance, Dell and Red Hat provide value to enterprise customers at various stages of OpenStack evaluation and use. Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions are enterprise-grade software that is stable and predictable, based on the OpenStack community project.

Reference configurations

  • Dell and Red Hat Cloud Solutions core reference architecture.
  • Scalable cloud storage with Red Hat Storage Server.
  • Solution configurations, including:
  • ° Rapid on-ramp to OpenStack with the Proof of Concept Configuration – designed for customers looking to explore OpenStack capabilities, research deployment options, and pilot application deployments. It is also appropriate for those beginning development of an OpenStack cloud strategy. The POC configuration integrates five Dell PowerEdge R720 servers, configured as OpenStack Manager and OpenStack Controllers with multiple OpenStack (Nova) Compute nodes and Dell networking.

    ° Pilot configuration is for testing cloud applications, and for customers just starting out with OpenStack in production. The base pilot configuration is capable of supporting cloud-scale applications across six OpenStack compute and three storage nodes. The pilot configuration can be expanded with pre-configured compute, storage and infrastructure blocks.

    ° Production scale-out configurations are for customers seeking scale-out designs. These datacenter-scale solutions are created collaboratively with the customer, building on the years of experience Dell and Red Hat have working together.

Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions
Powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Partners for more than 14 years, Dell and Red Hat are collaborating once again—this time to offer an integrated OpenStack solution specifically for enterprise private cloud deployment.

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Dell Red Hat® Cloud Solutions powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux® OpenStack®Platform allow you to quickly deploy an enterprise-grade private cloud based on OpenStack, take advantage of world-class services and support, and get faster return on investment from your cloud.

With Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions Dell becomes the first company to offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform as part of an integrated OEM solution.

Together Dell and Red Hat have created:

  • Optimized and certified architectures to streamline OpenStack implementations.
  • A single point of support for the entire solution.
  • A jointly engineered solution that can reduce risk through the application of best practices and expertise.
  • Enterprise class OpenStack software solution with certified, secure code and continuous access to patches, bug fixes, and enhanced security.

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