Boost storage performance and scalability

CommVault Simpana and Red Hat Storage Server

Data protection is more complex today

Staggering unstructured data growth means there's more to protect. But a flat IT budget means there's less to do it with. The disruption of traditional data protection models is driving the need for more scalable, cost-effective underlying storage. And increased regulatory compliance and trends like multitenancy make flexible storage architectures essential.

Simply buying more tier-1 storage isn't the answer

You need to scale your data protection solution along with storage capacity. Combining CommVault Simpana with Red Hat® Storage Server——both software-only products——gives you the flexibility needed to build appropriate and cost-effective storage solutions, without being locked in to any 1 storage vendor.

Using CommVault Simpana with Red Hat Storage Server:

  • Unifies storage management across data types, diverse storage infrastructure, and remote locations—all based on open scale-out storage.
  • Lets you back up, replicate, archive, search, and analyze data from anywhere, and restore data without fail.
  • Improves backup performance and throughput, dramatically shortening backup windows.
  • Lets you build storage solutions tailored to your needs, avoiding costly proprietary NAS solutions while riding technology price curves for storage, processing, and memory.
  • Lowers the cost per terabyte, with up to a 52% reduction in up-front storage costs and a 20% reduction in operating costs.