Modernize and save with Red Hat and Cisco

A joint, cloud-ready platform to evolve your IT infrastructure

red hat & Cisco: a shared vision

Public sector IT departments are under pressure to develop shared services, reduce the number of datacenters, consolidate commodity IT spending, and shift toward a cloud delivery model. Evolving your IT infrastructure requires cloud-ready solutions that yield long-term benefits such as increased agility, flexibility in resource allocations, and TCO reductions.

Red Hat and Cisco are ideally positioned to help you migrate yesterday’s proprietary systems into forward-thinking, efficient, and cloud-ready infrastructures. By modernizing on a cost-effective Red Hat and Cisco platform, you can begin to realize tangible economic benefits while laying the groundwork for cloud initiatives.

In this executive brief:

  • An overview of Red Hat & Cisco's shared vision
  • Tips on simplifying the path to cloud
  • Steps to get you started
Download the executive brief and let's evolve your IT infrastructure.