With an easy, self-guided, hands-on tutorial


The Red Hat Ceph Storage Test Drive lab offers you a complimentary, hands-on experience to help you learn how to set up and manage a Ceph cluster while exploring key product features. Based on Red Hat Ceph Storage, the test drive is set up in short, easy-to-follow modules, each describing a key function of the Ceph cluster. You can follow the modules in the order in which they’re offered, or pick ones that interest you and complete them in any order.

Once you register, you’ll receive access to multiple lab modules covering various scenarios, including:

  • Deploying, configuring, and interacting with a Ceph cluster with Ceph metrics
  • Provisioning Ceph block storage with a database workload
  • Setting up the Ceph cluster for object storage using the S3 and Swift APIs
  • Installing, configuring, and using Ceph as a distributed shared filesystem
  • Performing Ceph Day-2 administration tasks, such as cluster monitoring and scaling out
  • Configuring BlueStore OSDs in a cluster co-existing with FileStore OSDs

Typically, it’ll take between 2.5 and 3 hours to complete the entire Red Hat Ceph Test Drive lab, and you’ll be able to access it five times to do so. After that, you’ll reach your quota of free labs. To run more, contact us at karasing@redhat.com. The environment is sponsored by Red Hat and intended for educational and demonstration purposes only.

Terms & Conditions
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