Red Hat Max McLaren Opening Welcome & Keynote N/A Keynote 1 Video
Red Hat Brent Holden Your Future is Built on What You Do Today Keynote 2 Presentation Keynote 2 Video
Red Hat Max McLaren Red Hat Innovation Awards Winners : IAG & Qantas N/A Keynote 3 Video
Deloitte Saul Caganoff Autonomy Empowers Developers Keynote 4 Presentation Keynote 4 Video
Red Hat Frank Feldmann, Kingsley Wood, Vishal Ghariwala Technology Demo: Destinasia Digitally Transforms into the Best-in-Asia N/A Keynote 5 Video
Track A
Red Hat Jim A'Hara Automating & Managing Your Own Hybrid Cloud Track A1 Presentation Track A1 Video
NTT ICT Tarquin Bellinger Reduce Cost, Risk and Time to Market with DevOps-As-A-Service Track A2 Presentation Track A2 Video
Red Hat Martin Zierer Grow Your Business With An Open Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Track A3 Presentation Track A3 Video
Red Hat Andrew Hatfield Getting Started With Containers Track A4 Presentation Track A4 Video
Red Hat Louay Shaat Ansible Everything Nothing Routine In IT Track A5 Presentation Track A5 Video
Track B
Red Hat Daniel Soffner The Road to Cloud Native Application with OpenShift Application Runtimes Track B1 Presentation Track B1 Video
Leonardo Consulting Adam Mutton Driving a Replicable, Repeatable, Robust Model of Integration Track B2 Presentation Track B2 Video
Red Hat Jeff Hanlen 3 Pillars of Agile Integration Track B3 Presentation Track B3 Video
Red Hat Tom Corcoran Winning In The API Economy Track B4 Presentation Track B4 Video
Red Hat David Worthington Learning to “DevOps” in Red Hat’s Open Innovation Lab Track B5 Presentation Track B5 Video